TAHA Korero - The TAHA Story

TAHA Korero - The TAHA Story

TAHA is an all-natural craft soft drink. It is a drink that is designed to compliment your lifestyle, whether that’s just relaxing or being active.
TAHA was created as an inter-generational business by two koro, Richard & Simon, in the spirit of tradition, innovation and adventure. They started TAHA with the aim of one day handing the business onto their tamariki  & mokopuna.  
The basis of the TAHA Story started through experimenting with kawakawa, a native plant that grows wild in many parts of New Zealand. Kawakawa has been used for its medicinal benefits by Māori for hundreds of years.

The kawakawa is wild harvested by hand. When harvesting we always start with a karakia  to thank the guardian of the forest, Tāne Mahuta, for the treasures provided by Papatūānuku

Harvesting kawakawa is a tranquil process where you are alone in the forest surrounded by the sweet sound of the birds, the rustling of the wind and the trickle of water. It’s a time for dreaming and imagining and letting your thoughts run wild. Time passes quickly and before you know it you’ve picked the 14 kg of kawakawa that is required to produce a 5000 litre batch of TAHA. It takes around 30 minutes to pick a kilo of kawakawa leaf.

Kawakawa leaf can be chewed to help relieve toothache as well as applied to cuts and scratches to aid in healing.  Myristicin one of two known bioactive molecules present in kawakawa is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and hepatoprotective.

Check out the research on anti-inflammatory properties of Kawakawa.
TAHA is contract produced at Steam Brewing Co Ltd. When it comes to producing a batch of TAHA the kawakawa is combined with two other healthy ingredients, ginger and mānuka honey. These ingredients are brewed in dual-filtered water that flows through UV and Charcoal filtering systems. The batch is left overnight to mix and mingle, it is then carbonated and bottled. A 5000 litre batch produces 15,000 x 330ml bottles of TAHA. It is now ready for you to enjoy.
TAHA is stored and distributed from warehouses and friends garages in Auckland, Kaitaia, Tauranga, Rotorua, Otorohanga, Manawatu, Masterton and Wellington. TAHA is also stocked at a number of Countdown Supermarkets as well as cafes, bars and restaurants in different parts of the country. No matter where you are, TAHA can get to you.
We often get asked what TAHA means. The word TAHA has a number of meanings including; to belong, side and edge. We've infused these meanings into our name by saying that


"TAHA belongs to Aotearoa-New Zealand, whanau work side-by-side
to bring you this drink from the edge of the World".

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