TAHA.....the story continues

TAHA.....the story continues

We often get asked what does ‘TAHA’ mean?

Translated from te reo Māori the word TAHA has a number of meanings including; to belong, side & edge.

We've infused these meanings into our name by saying that:

"TAHA belongs to Aotearoa-New Zealand, the TAHA whānau work side-by-side to bring you this drink from the edge of the World".

TAHA is a Māori & Fijian owned craft soft-drink business that has created a unique tasting Sparkling Tonic to help refresh, restore and revitalise your wellbeing when you need it most. A blend of natural goodness TAHA is full of flavour with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

TAHA was created as an inter-generational business by two koro, Richard & Simon. They started TAHA through leveraging off cultural knowledge underpinned by a spirit of innovation and adventure. Their ultimate aim is to one day hand TAHA onto their tamariki  & mokopuna

A big part of what helps drive TAHA is whānau. We use the word whānau in the context that we have a family of people (our value chain) who help take TAHA on its journey to our customers.

There’s a lot that goes on in-between sourcing supply and getting TAHA to customers. This is where the TAHA whānau come into play.

In brief TAHA goes through a process that involves a ritual of harvesting kawakawa (Simon’s job), sourcing ingredients like gingerroot and mānuka honey from our supplier Safe Food Solutions Ltd , printing and manufacturing of packaging through Oji Fibre Solutions & Charta Packaging and supply of 330ml green bottles from Visy.

All of these components are then delivered to our contract manufacturer, Steam Brewing Co Ltd. They blend up all the ingredients, leave them overnight to kanikani (mix & mingle). The following day the brew is carbonated, bottled and packaged ready for storage and distribution.

TAHA uses a mix of storage & distribution channels ranging from logistics providers such as Robert Pascoe Carriers, Auckland and Crawford CarryingWellington as well as small logistic systems (friends garages & their vehicles) in Kaitaia, Haruru Falls, Waikato, Rotorua, Manawatu and Wairarapa. It’s through these channels that TAHA gets to our customers.

TAHA customers range from supermarket category managers, hospitality and tourism managers, café & bar owners, and the many individuals who order online through TAHA’s website, Google and social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. No matter what channel you use, TAHA will get to you.

We hope this week's blog not only makes you thirsty for TAHA but also gives you further insight into what makes up our story.

Why not order TAHA now, Mauri Ora!

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