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Taha Beverages

The TAHA Big Box (6x4 packs=24x330ml bottles)

The TAHA Big Box (6x4 packs=24x330ml bottles)

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Taha Sparkling Tonic with Kawakawa, Mānuka Honey & Ginger

What makes TAHA stand out from the rest is that it all started through experimenting with kawakawa, a native plant that grows wild in many parts of New Zealand. Kawakawa has been used for its medicinal benefits by Māori for hundreds of years.

When producing a batch of TAHA the kawakawa is combined with two other healthy ingredients, ginger and mānuka honey. These ingredients are brewed together and left overnight to mix and mingle, the batch is then carbonated and bottled. TAHA is now ready for you to drink.


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Is Taha child and elder-friendly?

It sure is, kids love the taste of Taha and for the elderly, it reminds them of good ole home-made Ginger Beer.

Where is Taha made?

Taha is contract manufactured by Steam Brewing Co, Tāmaki
Makaurau-Auckland. The

kawakawa is chopped up and blended with other ingredients including mānuka
honey & ginger extract. It's then left overnight to brew. The following day
the blend is carbonated, bottled and packaged.

Can I drink Taha when I’m hapu (pregnant)?

The feedback we’ve had from pregnant wahine (women) is that Taha has helped them handle morning sickness. There’s no alcohol or artificial colourings in Taha,
it’s made with kawakawa, mānuka honey & ginger, that’s gotta be good for you and pepi (baby). If you’re unsure, please check with your midwife or doctor.

Does Taha mix with alcohol

Yes, it does as long as you’re over 18! Feedback from customers says they
enjoy Taha in their gin, vodka, tequila, rum and whiskey. Check out our mixer recipe.

What is Kawakawa

Kawakawa (Macropiper excelsum) is a native plant that grows wild in many
parts of Aotearoa-New Zealand. Kawakawa has been used for its health benefits by Māori for hundreds of years.

What does Taha mean?

Translated from te reo Māori (the Māori language) the word TAHA has a number of meanings including; to belong, side & edge. We've infused these meanings into our name by saying that:

"TAHA belongs to Aotearoa-New Zealand, the TAHA team work side-by-side to bring you this drink from the edge of the World".

I’d love to stock Taha, how does that happen?

No worries, send us your details at and we’ll be in touch